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Winter Tires

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Purchased my G8 in the early summer. Made some inquiries as to snow tires at that time and was told by dealer that 225-60R-16 in snows would be good choice, (currently run 245-45-18).

Now that I go to order them they tell me no way because of bolt pattern I have to stick with the low profile winter tire option. (245-45-18)

Looking for any suggestions,

I had wanted to change out my rims and protect my current rims, so that wasn't going to be an issue.

I definitely need the snows - I live in Canada

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Hey fellow Canuck!

there IS a rim to fit your car trust me. I'm just in the process of looking since I pick up my GT tomorrow, and despite the nice weather in southern ontario at the moment, i'd like to get snows on soon.

Turns out they're the same bolt pattern in a 17" rim as a Honda Odyssey, so that opens things up a little. Visit Tire Rack - Your performance experts for tires and wheels and look at their rims available too, since the dollar is in our favour at the moment.
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