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Time for me to be completely honest. I just recently purchased an 09G8 GT about two weeks ago. A few months ago I went to the Pontiac dealership to test drive one. It was awesome! As I was cruising around test driving it I was looking it up and down checking everything out. Next thing you know I was pulling a left back into the dealership when BOOM. Car spun a 180 and I got t-boned. Yes, totaled a new 09 G8 GT with 11 miles on it. Everything and everyone turned out fine! At the moment what really sold me were the airbags and OnStar. That's why after a fast recovery I went back and bought one (well the second one if you count insurance paying for first one) because I want a reliable car that can rely on me to not be reliable sometimes lol. Anyone have any crazy wreck stories or how you were sold on the G8 GT?
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