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I'll begin this by listing the cars I've had in the recent years:

2007 BMW 335i Coupe
2005 C6 Corvette H/C
2004 Procharged Z06
2005 Maggie H/C CTS-V
1999 Twin Turbo C5
2006 C6 Corvette (Procharged)
2008 VW GTI c DSG
2006 C6 w forged 427
Currently I have no vehicle

So as you can see I have a thing for LS powered vehicles. I've always liked the look of the G8 but never really had the chance to drive one. Now I've been given the green light to purchase a sedan (planning for a kid in the next two years). My price range is all over the place but I have two ranges.

In the mid 40's I'm looking at - CTS-V2, ISF or C63

In the mid 20's I'm looking at - G8 GT, 335i Sedan, used CTS-V1

I'd love to slip back into something more coupe/fast (still wishing for Ron Fellow C6 Z06....but that will have to wait!).

I'm here to get your experience and overall satisfaction with the G8 GT.
What would you change or what don't you like?
Is the GXP worth considering if I plan to mod (more than likely a TVS 1900 or APS TT - I haven't researched enough yet).
When modding what are issues or problem areas that I need to be aware of?
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