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Thinking about a G8...need help

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I currently have a Solstice GXP...I LOVE it!! I'm looking for a second car since I put about 20k on them and I live in Michigan. I'm very particular about my cars and have been a Pontiac enthusiast since my first car...a Fiero. I'm looking at just a base G8 (as far as I know). It's a 2008 V6, cloth...in Brazen. What should I expect from this car? I know it's RWD, no big deal...had RWD all my life...I hate FWD! Is there anything that I should look for? Any common problems? Like for the Solstice, the waterpump is an issue and goes every 30-60k...the rear end has a TSB for a leak...and the high-pressure-fuel-pump tends to go on earlier models.... Things like this is what I want to know. This car I'm looking at has 71,000 on it and they want $11,000. Does the car have bluetooth? My other choice for a car is an '09 Cobalt SS with the LNF turbo motor, just like my Solstice. Only difference is they don't have a WP issue...LOL. It has 65k on it and they want $13,500..... I would like a sedan because I've never owned one...but love the Cobalt because I know what to expect from the motor.... Thanks in advance guys/gals!!!
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