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Officilally Now a New Member & G8 Owner

Greetings G8 peoples from the G8 Universe....

Just purchased brand new 2009 Magnetic Grey G8. I have followed the G8 since it's launch in the USA 2008 and this website for the past 8 months. Very happy to be back with GM and a proud owner of the G8. Great automobile yes has a couple of quirks - but don't we all.... Just installed HID lights 4300 Xtreme H11 4300K HID Kit. Looks classy and great appearance and visibility.

As soon as I got the car I drove straight to Niagara Falls to become familiar with my new G8 friend. Took some getting use to but cracked it and love my new G8.

That's it...will keep you all posted.

Hello fellow 'GTA' G8 ers out there....

Galaxy Grey
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