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Hi everyone,

performance programmers and chips are well known tools that help us to get the maximum output from our engines. Here at CARiD we sell a couple of cool options for Pontiac G8 that will allow you to get a decent improvement even on the stock engine. We selected a couple of the most popular performance programmers that allow you to set up G8 engine either to the maximum power output or to fuel economy mode.

These two options provide a similar performance improvement of around +15 HP and +15TQ, but feature different set of functions.

# 1 Superchips® - Flashpaq Tuner

HP Gain 15.2, TQ Gain 15.4.
Pontiac G8 GT 2008-2009

- Extremely compact hand-held size adds maximum convenience
- Connects to any OBD II vehicle diagnostic system to increase horsepower and torque for maximum track, towing, or off-road performance
- Allows customizing operation of air/fuel ratio, fuel injector flow rates, spark timing, throttle sensitivity, and automatic transmission shift points
Offers setting for maximum fuel economy to increase mileage
- Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes on all vehicles
- Recalibrate speedometer to adjust for larger tire sizes
- Revise vehicle speed and RPM limits imposed by the factory
- Allows manual control of engine cooling fan on/off positions on vehicles so equipped
- 1-year manufacturer product warranty
- Proudly manufactured in the United States

# 2 DiabloSport® - Trinity Programmer

HP Gain: 15. TQ Gain: 15.
Pontiac G8 GT 2008
Pontiac G8 GT / GXP 2009

- Windshield suction cup mounting bracket included
- Features performance enhancing levels custom tuned for Economy, Performance, Towing, and Extreme Performance for modified vehicles
- Also features performance enhancement programs designed specifically for aftermarket cold air intakes, and custom-sized supercharger pulley wheels
- Dragstrip function automatically clocks time and distance for 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 0-60, and 0-100 runs
- Reads, stores, and clears diagnostic fault codes / check engine lights
- Comes with software CD that loads to your computer, then from computer to the Trinity via an included USB cable
- Can store up to five additional tuning programs created by outside software dealers
- Set up your own gauge alarms and shift reminders using the unit’s built-in LED lights
- Features ability to tune multiple vehicles
- 1 year manufacturer warranty
- Proudly manufactured in the United States

If you need any more product specs or simply want to get a quote - jet let me know in the comments below. Don't forget to include your zip and email!
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