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Suspension Noise

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I have a 2009 Pontiac G8 Sedan. When I drive over bumps I hear a clunking sound on the passenger side. My dealer said I needed a right front stabilizer link. They ordered the part and said it would take a couple of days to get the part. Has anyone else had this problem with their G8?
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I just purchased a used G8 GT in March. I have noticed a "rattle" in the front when hitting small bumps at low speeds. Typically if driving on a rough road at less than 30 mph. I haven't had it checked yet and can't honestly say it hasn't been doing this since I bought the car. I also can't say it is limited to a left or right side of the vehicle.
The dealership replaced the RF stabilizer link and I still had a clunking noise when hitting bumps and pot holes @ low speeds (up to 30mph). I had another service tech ride with me in the car and he immediately noticed the clunking noise riding over bumps in the streets. Now they have ordered struts, mounts & bushings for front right & left sides. But they had to order the parts from Australia which has been two weeks already & the parts have not arrived yet. I'm hoping this will fix the problem because I love the car. This will be my 3rd trip to the dealer to try fixing this mysterious clunking sound on the front passenger side.
Pop, clunk, rattle

I would jump on the other G8 forums grrrr8 dot net g8board dot com and the peddersusa forum. I have posted all my issues there.

New struts, lower control arms, new radius rods, and new sway bar end link problems. Trust me I've been through the whole front end of my G8
A new tsb (redesign on lower control arms) solved my clunking sound. The front suspension rides perfectly now. Check with the dealers for this updated tsb. It finally solved my issue on the fourth trip.
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