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Stealth Had DIED!

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Sorry for the repeat, but I'm Pissed...

So, just rolled over 500 miles. Went to go get some dinner, and it wouldn't remote start. Hmmm. OK, I'll just unlock it. Nothing. O K , I'll just unlock the door...........Key in the ignition......NOTHING!

OnStar wouldn't work! OnStar also couldn't locate my VIN#! I'm on a GMAC SmartLease, how can they not locate my vin?

What the hell is going on here. Am I on Camera!?!

Seriously, My Stealth is dead and in the process of being TOWED to the dealership. No loaner car, cause they are closed:mad:
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Thanks to a wise suggestion.....

Turns out it was a loose -cable on the battery. I just pulled it off by hand. Put it back and screwed it down. Started right up.

Guess that should have been checked at the dealership.

OnStar....funny thing. You have to activate the service before they can locate your car. Something my dealer should have reminded me.

Alls good now. Ride on brothers and check your battery!
I have dealer installed alarm that honks all of the time, and they do not claim any responsibility since it was added by their aftermarket people. I am fuming mad. It only happens on really hot days. I took in to be looked at and they would not even give me a receipt for the inspection. I am starting to get really pissed.

The loose battery cable is now more famous than teh wheel weight falling off issue. Any new or potential owners highlight this issue with your dealer. Apparently as I see it the batteries may be disconnected while on ship and they just stick teh termional in place (without tightening) when they offload. That's giving them the benefit of the doubt. Alternately, someone in Oz is asleep on the job.
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