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Stall or UDP and Ported TB...

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I need some advice as I have no experience with any of these. I have having traction issues right now with the 3.70 gears so don't want to get into a cam now as it'll just make things worse (and I don't have the money!).

I like to go to the track occasionally but spend most of my time on the street as it is a daily driver. My fuel consumption already sucks so I want to avoid making that much worse if possible. With my current power mods (Kooks LTH, VaraRam intake, 3.70 rear) I'm not sure where to go now to add more power, or the feel of power, to the car.

My options as I see them right now to keep my bills under $1500 would be the TC or the UDP and TB. I figure the stall would be great so I can go with a bigger cam down the road (and likely switch back to the stock diff) but I have never driven one so have no idea how my daily driving will be affected. The TB is an easy choice but I'm concerned that the UDP will affect my electrical systems down the road.

Do I have other options?
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