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So Cal Drive through the Mountains 8-30-09

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So one of the guys from work and I are setting up a run through the mountains this weekend in So Cal, Sunday 8-30-2009. He has a 05 Mustang and I have an 09.5 G8. He is going to advertise with his biker friends, he rides a bike every day to work! Thought I would advertise and let ya'all know that everyone is welcome...should be a fun run through the twisty turnies Everyone is welcome to come and join in the fun...regardless of the cars or bikes:D

The route I am planning starts at Dalton's Roadhouse in San Marcos right at the Hwy 78 and Nordahl Rd exit. Kickstands up at 9:30 sharp. From there it's on to Camino Del Rey, to Lilac Rd, to Sage Rd, to Ranger Rd (I doubt anyone knows about this road), back to Hwy 76.

Then it's on to the front side and back side of Palomar Mtn, and I'm thinking about a stop at the BBQ place in Lake Henshaw. From there it's on to Borrego Springs through Ranchita, and back up to Julian via Banner Grade. From there you'll work your way back to wherever you want. Yes, it'll be 105 in Borrego, but we ain't staying long, so you should be able to deal with it. All the more excuse to stop for an ice cream at the bottom.


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