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Don't you just hate it when someone ruins a good day with rules to follow? Well, sometimes rules are for the benefit of all, as in this case:

Rule on Member Names

You may choose a wide array of names for your ID (aka "Screen Name", "username" or "name") on the forum. However, the following guidelines on name choice should be taken into consideration:
Your name should not be offensive or use offensive language, and should not be inflammatory
You should not choose a name that is a spelling variation of the moderators or administrator team as to avoid confusion.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to change your name because of one of the above situations. You will be asked to what your name should be changed, and it will usually be clear as to why your name needs to be changed. Name changes are your choice as to whether they are voluntary or non-voluntary.

We'll attempt to keep the rules to a minimum, as most of it is common sense and any postings by members (including their chosen name) should be workplace appropriate. We are not looking to be flatout PG, but don't want anyone getting in trouble at work, either. Eventually, if warranted we will establish a separate rules/guidelines section.

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