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Remote Starter, No Heat

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Hello to all...just joined this group, in hopes of sharing the joy of driving my new G8, along with finding a few answers as well.

I bought a 2009 V6...w/o climate control...in Sept. 2009...unbeknownst to me at the time (and to my car salesman), the remote starter is not enabled to turn on the heat/rear defroster. .Quite annoying and frustrating on these cold winter mornings when I'm racing to get to work. My question to the group is, has anyone here ever contacted GM/Holden about this issue?..Has anyone ever successfully bypassed this problem, allowing the remote starter to activate the heat? My salesman has been researching this, says he's found someone who can correct the problem, at a cost of $300 plus CDN. I'm not thrilled about forking over the money, but I really miss this feature. Also, I'm a little leary about altering the car, worried about my warranty. I do have a call into GM in Oshawa..the customer service rep I spoke to said that this was the "first she'd ever heard of this problem", which I somehow doubt. Any thoughts, advice, information would be greatly appreciated.


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