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Rear wing and your thoughts on them

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As you are aware, the SS Commodore over here comes with a rear wing, same as the SV6 version..... i rather like them! but i also like the rear lip they put on the caprice and the G8....
The earlier model SS had the larger wing, with a higher mount underneath it, the latter ones were a bit smaller as well as lower.

i don't have a close shot, i might get one later on.

I know that some of the SS owners here are removing the wing and putting the lip on.

I'm curious as to whether or not the G8 owners are putting the wing on? and are they legal?
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turns out i do have a closer shot of the wing.

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I have seen one G8 so far up close with this wing, and I think it looks really good. I wish that they had made this optional for the GXP at least. Maybe sometime down the road I will buy one and spend the money to have it installed right. It will take some filling of holes and paintwork. Does it obstruct your vision to the back though?
it does to some degree.... although it does give you some indication of where the end of the vehicle is. The earlier models had a higher and larger wing than the newer ones. You can still see behind you and you can see under the wing as well. The lower ones are difficult to see past though.
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