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Rear backup cam?

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Hi all! Allow me to introduce myself. My sister was a proud original owner of a G8, and loved the car. She unfortunately had some health problems last year and passed away this past January, and now I've inherited the car.

I would like to outfit this car for my son to drive, and think he would benefit from a rear backup camera. I was at first excited that I saw articles on how to add one to the G8's head unit, but after further research, learned that to do it I needed a V9.x head unit, and upon checking hers, it's only a V8.x

So my questions are:

1) Is there any way to update the firmware to V9? I saw some older postings about a company that did this, but apparently they no longer do it. Are there any other avenues to get this done? I've done plenty of searches, but have come up cold thus far, other than finding a few people who claim it's possible but no further details.

2) If not, what is the best way to get a backup camera working on a G8?

I would also take advice on how to get bluetooth audio (as well as phone calls) working with the vehicle.

Thanks much! I've only driven this car a few times so far but it's definitely a fun vehicle and she took very good care of it.

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