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Advertising is everywhere and generally no one likes it but for advertisers. However,
these ads on wheels are really creative and witty to make you look twice. What’s your fav?

The rest of photos are here .
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We promised to fuel your passion and inspire you for building your dream car, and here we are, bringing another inspirational interview to your attention.

We talked with Hot Rod and Classic Car experts at Kindig-It Design. These guys have been customizing and restoring hot rods and performance cars for over 12 years.They’ve done plenty of projects, including top builds that took top prizes nationally.

In this post Dave Kindig tells us about how it all started for him and walks us through one of Kindig’s most notable projects, the red-and-white 1960 Corvette, “an ideal American icon”.

Check out a couple of teaser pics below and check out the full post on CARiD Blog .

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