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Radio Issues???!!!

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I was driving on Friday and my radio just shut completely off and my front defroster went on HIGH...

I took it to the dealership who fixed it saying I had a loose connection. I left and it was fine. I went back to work and then left to go home and my radio shut off again. i went back to the dealership and was told that my radio was bad and it is 692.22 to replaced...not including labor!! NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT....

Has anyone had this problem? I am wondering if it is the volume control?? I had kept it below 20 and it is still working. I am afraid to turn it above for fear that it will turn off again...:confused::confused:

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I have not had any issues with my radio on my 2009 Pontiac G8. Just a clunking noise on the passenger side when going over bumps in the streets. Is'nt the radio covered under warranty?
I have the clunking noise as well...I am not sure what that is about either ... dealership doesn't hear it when I take it there ... It would be covered by the warranty I am sure ... however, not under warranty any longer.... :(
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