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Questions for potential new owner

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I am looking at buying an 08 G8 GT a friend at work is selling, and thought a forum would be a good way to get some info.

First off, I have seen some discrepencies on fuel type, and economy for the g8 GT. fueleconomy.gov suggests premium for the 08 and regular for the 09. Can anyone verify this?

I also heard that only 09 had displacement on demand, is that true, or do the 08 models have it also?

I am currently driving an 09 v6 accord coupe, does anyone have any other info about the car that I might not know about? Pros or cons which any of you noticed after becoming owners.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer, and if all goes well, I might be spending a lot more time here.
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I will confirm the parts of this that I know. The '08 & '09 G8 GTs both have the same 6.0 liter L76 engine, and they both have displacement on demand. I own the more powerful, but much less efficient (but more fun!) GXP, so I can't vouch for G8 GT fuel economy, sorry. Hope this helps until a GT owner comes along.
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