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Question about G8 Looking to buy

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Just wanted to say hi to everyone.

Just test drove a 2009.

Got a quick question.
I live in Cleveland, OH.
Getting a lot of resistance when I talk about the G8 since it is rear-wheel drive.

We get some decent snow around here. Just wondered how the G8 handles and other stories from those who own vs. those who can't drive.

Seen some horrible BMW drivers who slide/swish their rides around in the snow like a drunk college girl at a Frat party.

Looking for advice

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drove mine thru a hail snow storm one night here with the traction control on. at a green light from a stop i goosed it and the tires broke free for 2 sec then caught and never brokw again with a slow controlled acceleration
Mine has been in the snow...traction control worked fine. its more fun off tho :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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