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I am the proud new owner of a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT, bone stock, Sport Red Metallic with sport package & premium package. The car was the weekend driver of a GM employee and he only put 5500 miles on it in 18 months. Lucky me!:)

I drove it home 500 miles on Saturday and have some observations/issues that maybe someone here can help with.

The car has a rough idle, and it’s supposed to have Bluetooth, but apparently does not. I will be bringing it in to my local Pontiac, er, former Pontiac dealer for both issues. Other than the rough idle the engine runs perfectly.

I understand b/tooth was a new-for-’09 standard feature. I have the build sheet but nowhere does it list Bluetooth. My car was manufactured in March 2008, so maybe the b/tooth components were not yet at the factory? Either way, I’m semi-bummed b/c Onstar = 30 to 40 cents a minute. When I drive, I like to DRIVE (vs. drive & yap on a cell phone), but still occasionally I need to make a 2-3 min ph call on way home from work and the Onstar rates will add up quickly. I want to pair my work cell (free minutes) to the car. I wonder how much the stealership will charge to install b/tooth – if they can even do it.

I polished the car yesterday (Zaino) and noticed minimal orange-peel under florescent lights. No runs or rough spots anywhere and it took the polish quite well. Could this be (gasp!) a descent Pontiac paintjob? This is my 5th Pontiac and it will be the first one. Maybe <sarcastic grin> it has something to do with it being painted by Holden.

Other gripes: The glove box door does not have a solid feel and I get a rattle when closing driver’s door with the window down. Transmission seems to hunt around a lot (trying desperately to achieve top gear I’m sure), but there is always plenty of torque on tap. The leather seats did not respond to the leather conditioner I used on them. Does anyone know the secret to making the seats softer and appear more like real leather, less like 1970’s vinyl?

I’d like to do some bolt-on mods (intake, exhaust) and I know there is a whole forum for that, but any advice on which of those work best would be appreciated.

But overall I'm loving the car and looking forward to a lasting relationship.
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