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I am a possible future G8 owner, and a present Saab owner. I like the G8 because:
1. It's powerful.
2. It has a V8.
3. It is roomy (for tall Australians)
4. It handles well.
5. It's a good value.
6. It's beautiful.
7. It's not ubiquitous
8. It reminds me of the "The Road Warrior", which featured V8 Australian cars.

I wish the G8s:
1. Had Navigation.
2. Would be made for 2010.
3. All came with Bluetooth. Some have it. Most don't
4. All came with sunroofs.

Bluetooth only comes on some cars. At what point was it introduced?

What was the thinking to send so many cars to the US without sunroofs? A sunroof is common in other makes of cars.

I look forward to all of your thoughts.

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It is too bad the nav. system is not offered I agree. We carry the portable one instead. Since I live in a hot climate, I don't miss the sun roof at all and view it as a source of extra noise and future water leaks (had one on my 1978 VW long ago). Sort of got tired of getting roasted in place with sun beating on me.. I prefer the shade and AC now. I thought all GTs had Bluetooth. Mine does but my treo is not compatable (rest of the family phones are).

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The G8 GT is a real drivers car.. I think you'll be impressed when you drive one..

I did and was very very impressed.

If I needed a four door sports sedan today? No question I'd buy one of these..
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