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Pontiac to hype the Hell out of the G8

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The G8 is the most important new model that Pontiac has had in many years, and it could in fact be a make-or-break car for the brand. For several years, GM has been planning to transition the "performance" brand to an all rear-wheel-drive lineup. However, new fuel economy regulations may kill those plans unless GM can get some big sales out of the G8 and also make it more efficient. Now that the sedan is rolling into dealerships, the company is planning a major promotional push for it to ensure it doesn't suffer the same sad fate as Pontiac's last Aussie import, the GTO.

Interestingly, it seems GM thinks that the car will appeal more to the old-school types than us web junkies. The G8 will be getting the biggest bundle of Pontiac ad dollars this year, starting with the NCAA Tournament. Most of the effort will be put into old-style TV and print ads rather than the internet. Brian Shipman, G8 product manager, thinks this will bring more people into Pontiac stores than web and viral campaigns would. GM isn't saying how much it'll spend on the campaign, but dealers definitely want a car with some excitement to draw in customers. We'll know soon enough whether the G8 fits the bill.

by Sam Abuelsamid,
Pontiac to hype the Hell out of the G8 - Autoblog
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The Cross Breed

I wanted the Red G8 but had to settle with the Panther Black........ Black is more suitable for this vehicle than red.

At any rate, the G8 has so many positive factors going for it, failure should not even be an option! My dealership was pratically flipping those vehicles as they shown up on the parking lot. Everyone in their 20s through their 60 has interest in the vehicle while I was sitting in the showroom. I don't need to mention any of the vehicle's plus, but I think it will draw crowd from the luxury down to the sport enthusiast. The G8 has something for everyone and is a CROSS BREED for all to love.

I have not heard a single comment from anyone since I brought the vehicle home. Every one has admiration for this vehicle unlike any other car that I have driven....... .that's ashame for I love my Trans Am more! hahahah

Damn! When was the last time in your life that such a vehicle gain such appeal from the masses? I think the G8 can do it, whether with the Coupe sibling or without.
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I think most of us have already seen quite a few G8 commercials, even more than GTO commercials in the past. I really feel that the G8 is going to be a good hit. Like Matt said, it has appeal to a very wide audience. It's practical, gets decent mileage, has good power, and it's very affordable. As long as Pontiac doesn't get too greedy and bump the price up a lot, these cars should sell like hotcakes.

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