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whats going on guys am new to the board and to the g8 thing altogether. i wilol be purchasing a g8-gxp 09 next week and have already gone to see the car several times. looks great will be all black and is still in stock form. i have searched the forum for suggestion on parts upgrades and i had all ready planned to do the normal things full exhaust and hheaders from kooks, air intake with k&N filter, computer chip mod,.... and thats where i got stomped at. i know these cars prettyu much come loaded with all u need but is there anything ii am missing? I am looking for ways to make the car lighter starting with the rims and tires, thats pretty much all i could come up with i know the exhaust will drop a few pounds as well but thats all i have got for now so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated and its going to be fun having another toy to play around with.
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