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Took deliver of 2009 GT on Patriot Day. It's silver with onyx leather interior (premium and sport packages, no sun roof). Still in break in period but got 22 MPG to Houston and back on country roads/city boulevards in 90F plus heat without use of cruise control.

Great dynamics on this solid car! Impressed by features for the price.. and loving the OnStar/phone/XM radio stuff. Found great polish to use: turtle wax ICE liquid. Spreads like olive oil easy to buff up. Bugs flick off. You can put it on all surfaces but the glass, no powder, sheds water like the whole car has RainX on it.

Everyone thinks its a BMW at first.. I guess the front fenders and side vents are quite similar.

Where is the oil filter? I have typically done my own oil changes using Mobil1.

Looking forward to learning more about this car with your collective help.

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