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Original OnStar VCIM worked when I got the car in Jan. Then I had the Bluetooth rework done by Chris at White Automotive. And it worked perfectly upon install. I remember talking with Onstar. They told me to call back and asked for Technical Assistance because they couldn't activate me.

I never got around to calling them back because OnStar is not that important to me. But Bluetooth worked for months after that.

Lately when I push the OnStar button. It Turns on, off, on, off. Either from the steering wheel or the OnStar button. Right green light flashes on the Rear View Mirror.

Please see the video I've provided. G8 Bluetooth - YouTube

At first I assumed that it was salvage VCIM I bought, but I just installed the factory VCIM and it's doing the same thing! So obviously, something else is wrong. Is there some kind of reset somewhere for all this stuff?

I still want to say that this happened around the AMP and Sub install this summer...but I can't say for sure. (AMP and Sub work perfectly till this day) I've pulled power from the AMP but have the same results. Could I have wired something incorrectly? I pulled signal wires from pins 1,2,6 & 7 Remote power wire I found in trunk on some strange dongle on the upper left side.

I've checked fuses according to the owners manual...all look good.

My car has a bumper to bumper warranty till end of Jan...GM may cover the issue...but with my luck they will blame it on the AMP.

I really appreciate all the help on this matter.:)

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