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Pontiac owners are abandoning the brand when it comes time to purchase their next vehicle, according to a report in Automotive News.

Pontiac's moderately priced sedans like the G6, Grand Prix and G8 were affordable transportation for many consumers. With those products gone, all that GMC-Buick dealers (who formerly carried Pontiac products) can offer are more expensive fare like the Buick Lacrosse, which starts at $26,000.

Pontiac customers who do stick with GM tend to gravitate towards Chevrolet, which offers larger, moderately priced sedans that are a familiar transition for Pontiac owners. GM has offered a $1,000 rebate to Pontiac owners as well as four free oil changes as an incentive to stay with the company. GM spokesperson Tom Henderson said that "the loyalty rates of Pontiac owners are in line with our expectations," but declined to give any data.

More: Only 36 Percent Of Pontiac Owners Stay With GM on AutoGuide.com
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