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Online Auction, good or bad?

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Hey Folks i am in the process of purchasing a new vehicle, and was looking into something in my budget (2-4k) so as of today i have not found anything only junk.. well i was told by a friend of mines that he bought a vehicle in an online auction SALVAGE CARS AND MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE | COPART AUTO AUCTION REGISTERED BROKER so im wondering if anyone has some insights on online auctions.
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This is just me two cents worth, so take it or leave it. If you are a mechanic or autobody tech, and have the tools and knowledge to fis one of these cars on your own, and get parts at cost they can be a decent deal. The problem with a "Salvage Title" vehicle is they will never be worth as much as the same vehicle with a regular title. Plus anyone buying a vehicle like this will find financing thru a bank or credit union VERY DIFFICULT. Most financials won't touch a "Salvage Title" vehicle with a 10 foot pole. So if you can do the work, plan to keep the car yourself, and don't have much money, go for it. Otherwise it can be a big gamble.
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