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Lately my passengers have been having a problem while using the built-in XM receiver while the car (2009 G8) is off. The radio will stop working and "XM theftlocked" will appear on the display.

While it's in this locked state, XM will not work, but FM/AM/CD etc. still work. Turning the car back on (even remotely) resets it back to normal and a fully functional sate.

Looking in the manual, I found this gem:
XM Theftlock
The XM receiver may go into theftlock mode when operating the radio in one hour logic mode. If this happens, turn the key to ACC/ACCESSORY or ON/RUN position to exit XM receiver theftlock mode.

My question is: what is one hour logic mode? I've perused the web, manual and forums looking for references to this, but have yet to find even one mention of it.

What's interesting is that when I originally got the vehicle, this didn't seem to happen and so I'd very much like to turn off this "logic".
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