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G8 (V6) msrp $26,910 plus $685 shipping; $27,595

G8GT msrp $29,310 plus $685 shipping; $29,995

factory options (will complete as known)

GT - premium package $1250
GT - sport package $ 600
GT - all season 18"s $ 150

both models - sunroof $ 900

base - permium package $ ???
base - luxury package $ ???

Dealer added accessoris

contoured splash guards $69
body color door handles $??
trunk cargo floor liner $99
carpeted floor mats $95
steering wheel trim kit $??
trim applique microsilver $??
molded hood protector $79
pedal trim kit manual $110
pedal trim kit auto $95
rear object sensor pkg $?? (in 5 colors, including dark cherry, not a current color)
outside chrome mirror covers $??
roadside assistance package $75 (generic GM jumpers, etc.)
rooftop cargo carrier $229
shft knob in red hot or onyx $??
smoker's package, ashtray $60also separate parts for door, lower instr panel
collapsible trunkstorage box $150
body stripe package $?? (two options no price yet)

more to follow

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"rear object sensor pkg $?? (in 5 colors, including dark cherry, not a current color)"

Is this back up sensors?

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Is there any indication, yet, of "official" pricing and availability for Canada?????

First indications were, like the GTO, this car as produced in Australia did NOT pass Canada's more stringent bumper regs, and we wouldn't get the car till start-of-production in Oshawa later this calendar year. Apparently, that issue has been resolved, but there is absolutely NO WORD, here, as to how much, or when...

With Grand Prix now built out, there is NO Pontiac mid-size car available and, as fervent as the interest was for the GTO that NEVER appeared up here and is illegal to import, the interest in a 4-dr is HIGH, even in the Land of Ice and Snow...

I wonder, with our "equalized" dollar, just how much more GM Canada will charge for shipping to Vancouver, instead of San Diego????

Any hints?

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and have been searching for more information on the G8 coming to Canada. Where has the official CDN pricing been listed? The GM site still list the G8 as coming soon and not much other information is on the site.

I'm very interested in this car!!! My lease is up this August so I'm wondering if the GXP will be available in the Fall?

By the way, I have been driving Japanese cars for about 20 years now. I currently drive a Mazda RX-8. The G8 is one of the first North American cars I have ever considered buying/leasing.....good job GM :)

Thanks for any help you guys may have.


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Earliest inventory expectation in Canada is "August", as per GM Canada, as '09 Model Year vehicles. And indications are that initial allotments will be "as sent", with little/no Dealer input. Pricing IS now available. PM me if I can be of help...
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