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New to the Messege Board: G8 GXP question.

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Hey guys,

First post and glad to join.

I found one car near my house and it is a G8 GXP. How much should I consider my max at? It is brand new, sunroof and manual gear box.

I just want to make sure i am not getting shafted too much.

BTW, I am also in the Military.

Thanks guys!
Mr. B:D
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Don't pay over msrp, that's first rule. Even if you drool on your keyboard looking at pics, don't succumb to gouging. I'm sure the miltary has a credit union, if you belong to a credit union you can get supplier pricing. As long as the dealer is willing to participate that discount on a G8 GXP might be somewhere around $4000. (as of most recent listing only 'vette ZR1 and Vue Hybrid are ineligible)
The supply of GXPs is beginning to dwindle now, especially those with the manual transmission. I had to pay MSRP for mine in order to get the 0% for 72 months that was offered. I know of dealerships that are charging markups, but their cars usually sit for awhile, and then they will negotiate. If you want a GXP, especially a manual transmission car, I wouldn't wait much longer. I didn't, and I'm thrilled I got one!
^Yeah I had to do the same thing..but it was well worth....the car is simply amazing
Surely as Pontiac winds down incentives will increase, even if not public offers. Nobody from GM wants to see a "former" Pontiac dealer still holding new vehicles at the actual end of Pontiac (sometime in 2010 at latest) Especially GM does not want to buy back any such vehicles or worse face class action. But it's a crapshoot to balance waiting on increasing cashback while inventories do diminish.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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