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Hey all,
Just giving a little intro, I know how helpful these sites can be...I have had my share of cars that were a handful. Just picked up my '09 Stryker Blue G8 GT the other day. Great condition with the exception of the front lip kinda scuffed from the previous owner (dealer threw in a free repaint/match). Non sunroof car and pre-bluetooth. Was able to trade my 2010 Silverado in pretty much straight up. The only bad I have noticed on the car is that the PO decided to install a back up sensor, thus drilling into the center console (where the 08's gauges were) and cutting up the rubber mat. Also drilled a hole in my trunk just behind the license plate for the wiring...would love to stomp a mudhole in their butt for that. I have some dealer photos, but will post some better goodies here soon. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated,

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