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I am a new member here and purchased my G8 GT on April 23. It is a liquid red w/black interior. I absolutely love mt car. It is thrilling to see so many people stare or stop and ask me about it. My dealership was only allocated 2 cars for model year 2008 a black on black and my red with black it is so cool to nit see your car at every stop light. Looking forward to learning more from other owners here on this forum
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AWESOME!!! Congratulations Diamondguy51!! Where are you located?

I work at a Pontiac dealership and I know of what you speak, as far as the stares go.

When I'm out on a test drive, I tell all my clients, "You will experience something I like to call 'The Creep Factor'. This is when, you are sitting at a red light, and you notice cars to your left, as well as your right, slowly 'creep' into your periphrial vision, while they oogle your new car, trying like heck to figure out what just exactly what you're driving."
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