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Hi there just added a Liquid red 09 G8 GT to my fleet. Other cars in the "stable" are 1968 GTO, 1978 Pontiac Phoenix (X-body nova platform), 1988 Formula 350, 2001 Pontiac Bonneville (197k miles, this one is for sale cheap,the G8 is the replacement for the old Bonne' we wanted a grocery getter that sat Grownups comfortably with a kick :) ) also in the fleet are a 2003 Jeep Rubicon, a 1986 Chevy k-10 (every man needs a pickup for Hardware store runs.) Notable former vehicles include another 78 Phoenix, a 76 Ventura, a 75 Ventura, a 77 Firebird espirit, a 76 Grand Prix SJ (400cid), a 67 Tempest (GTO cloned). I can go on for days, but when people bust my chops about my arrow head tattoo on my left forearm I've owned more Pontiacs in the 31 years of my life than most former Pontiac executives have owned in their lifetime! Looking forward to sharing my experience of ownership of what is truley the last of the Mohegans!

p.s. merry early Christmas
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