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Hello everyone,

Just found the board the other day and decided to join. I've owned 4 F-Bods (3 3rd gen ta's and a 4th gen ws6 formula) and was pretty much disgusted with GM's piss poor quality and went to 'cough cough... ford. Yeah, crappy quality, sure... but i've gotten my money's worth out of this car, so i really can't say too many bad things.

Still have my ford, but im looking for something bigger, more practical, and...most importantly...fun. I've been driving a 4cyl for a loong time now and want to have a car that just feels more stable, and is LARGER. Two door days are over, and i must grow up into a 4 door.

I've been reading alot about the Holden VE and such and learned the G8 is basically the same car, so im all psyched about that.

Im slow to react, so im going to hang round and learn everything i possibly can before i decide to pull the trigger. I like what i've read so far though.
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