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Hi there.
I don't own a G8... but I'm a life long Pontiac fan.
My first car was a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am SE (which, to be honest, was probably the worst car I ever owned ever ever ever...)
My Pontiac fandom started at an early age. My mom drove a 69 GTO RAIII 4sp from 1969 to 1972
My dad had a 67 Tempest at the time they met... and the story goes that my mom was a bit of a street racer back then and would constantly be out smacking down 442s, Chevelles and the like in the area.
My great aunt owned Pontiacs as well. I remember seeing photos of her 62 Catalina and thinking "jeez, cars were really big back then"
I was born in 1981, which makes me round about 28...
I have never owned a V8 car, myself.
I've had Volkswagens mainly. Two GTIs and a Scirocco. I fiddled with Saabs for a bit. Built a rather fast WRX Wagon. I helped write the manuals for BMW E30 3-series cars.
So, to put it lightly, I've been a bit of a eurosnob for quite some time now.
I currently drive this:

1995 Audi S6

It's a pretty stout car for what it is. Turbocharged 5 cylinder 20v.
We figure it's got about 280-290bhp and round about 325ft lbs of torque... but I have to get it on a dyno to confirm. So far it's just got a chip and an RS2 Exhaust manifold

It's an old school turbo, so a bit of lag between pedal shoves.

Recently, my mom died in a car accident... and I've been really itching for a V8 now after talking to her friends and how much she loved that car.
At first, I was looking at buying a 68-69 GTO, but prices are... well, it's a 68-69 GTO... they're expensive.

So, I started thinking about the new GTOs, but I don't think the rear is big enough for a baby seat...

But what I've wanted since I first saw it was a G8 GT or GXP.

So I've been on the lookout, but current prices are a bit prohibitive for my budget right now... as much as I like my S6... I think it's time to finally taste a real American V8.
I'm hoping to get one in the near future... I just wanted to sign up here and read up on them. My biggest issue right now is no manual in the regular GT... I really prefer driving stick (I haven't owned an automatic car since my first one...)
I've heard the automatic is fine on the highway but a bit balky in the city.
I was hoping to read about possible shift kits for the 6L80E or any advances in that. I wouldn't mind an automatic, but I'd prefer one that's got the bugs worked out.
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