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Just wanted to stop in and say Hello!

I'll be picking up my new 09 G8 GT Magnetic Gray Metallic on Monday.

I've been a car nut for about 10 years, most with Mazdaspeed Protege and Mazdaspeed 6. Time to leave the turbo world and get into the NA world.

I know there are a few Forums for G8's. If anyone can PM me with a ranking on them. I plan to visit them all, but I'd like to know which ones are the best.

Also, if you can direct me to a thread of suggested first mods, or give me thoughts, I'd apprecaite it. I don't wanna go nuts right away, but I do want to work on getting either a Catback or X Pipe in there to get some growl out of the car, but don't want drone.

Anyway....I'll stop rambleing on!

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