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Hi Guys
I'm new to your forum to hopefully get so help from you on a couple of problems with a 2008 Pontiac G8 with the 3.6 V6.

A little back ground:
This car belonged to my sister-in-law who died of brain cancer in August 2018, but she had actually battled different forms of cancer for the past 10 years. This car was her daily driver since new and kept it in good condition. I have been asked by the family to help get the car sold to help pay off some of the bills that have built up, but before putting it on the market I need to take care of a few minor problems that I see should be corrected.

So far:
I have removed and re-covered the headliner with new material, repaired the driver side door pull handle vinyl, cleaned and detailed the engine compartment, replaced the spark plugs, and re-finished the roof moldings.

What's next:
1) Replace LR window regulator.
2) Engine vibration. (feels like motor mount! ??)
3) Trouble shoot batter draw problem. (Battery goes dead after car sits for about 4 days.
4) Engine noise at start-up. Noise goes away quickly right after start-up! (Sounds like timing chain or lifters to me! ??)

I'm familiar with cars, but not the Pontiac G8 so I will need a little help from some of you guys who know them. I like the car and If this G8 was a V8 car I would probably sell one of my cars (front wheel drive Dodge) and buy the G8 from the family myself.

I will be posting some questions on the forum shortly. Any help or advise you guys can give me will be greatly appreciated !!!


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