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Hi there,

I just took delivery of my G8 GT last week on 7/7/09. It is a monster. I am having a blast... I will be tinting my windows limo (windshield like 20), hard-wire my Valentine, figure out my audio/video setup, and add some rims (20s?)in summer 2010.

I am totally excited and proud to own this car. I have previously had a couple of vehicles:

95 Contour SE [totalled]
98 Civic EX coupe [totalled]
05 Mazda6 S [sold]

Finally, I have a car that has all of the above, plus SO MUCH more. It's powerful, solid, handles well, fast, has 4 doors and was affordable when compared to the others with the same specs.

Hit me up if you live in the Metro Detroit area.



G8GT-Detroit -- go easy on the G8. Good luck.
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