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New G8 Owner

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Have had my 09 G8 GT for almost a month and just love it. My wife and I fight over who gets to drive it. Sure wasn't like that with my 02 Escalade that I traded it in for.

She had been at the dealer since the winter and I have had my eyes on her for some time. Just couldn't part with the Lade but I couldn't keep both. Bought it with just under 10,000 miles on it. Price kept going down and down. I have seen 08 v6's with more miles going for what I got mine for.

I do have a question about the car. Does anybody else notice a shimmy or shake upon idle? I have seen people ask about the whine at start up (which I have noticed) but I didn't know about the shake that I have.

Also any other things to look out for?

Again I love this car (Just wish I had a sun roof)
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that high pitched whine upon start is the electric smog pump for the emission totally normal my mother in laws 09 GT does the same thing ..... my gxp has a slightly noticeable idle but its a manual so i dont know but these motors LS motor dont exactly have peanut cams like the old TBI motors had
Thanks for the reply. I kinda figured that the while and shake were normal but just wanted to make sure. I kinda fell into this GT but really would have loved a GXP. I am just happy to have a Pontiac again.
Congrats. 16 months of ownership and 17,700 miles on mine so far. I really loved my 2006 LaCrosse CXS but this is pure lust. Forget D and leave it in Sport Mode and enjoy.

The cars in your garage look similar to mine.

09G8GT (Liquid Red) Sport/Permium Packages) Mine
08 Buick Enclave CXL (Drivers Confidence/Nav/RearDVD/19in Chrome's/Sunroof/Luxury/Tow Pack) Wifes

Previous Cars:

89 Cavalier Z24
92 Bonneville SSEi
00 Trans Am WS6 (Loved that car)
02 Grand Am GT (Wife's)
03 Envoy SLT
04 Grand Prix GT2 (Wife's)
07 G6 GT (Wife's)
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Yes they are. 0% for 72 months got us to bite on the Outlook over the GMC Acadia. Enclaves are great. The Outlook is a great vehicle.
I wish we could have gotten the Enclave with 0%. We were between the Enclave and the Acadia. I like parts of the Acadia better than the Enclave but with the extra year on the factory warranty and the similar prices (at the time) and extra options not available on the Acadia we went with the E.
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