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So i've let my car passion smolder for two decades and been playing with Jeeps and pickups since the mid '90s. I needed a "commuter car" and couldn't find something I liked until I happened upon a 2009 G8 at a Nissan dealership in SLC. I didn't end up buying that car (we couldn't settle on a price) but bought a silver G8 GT pretty much sight unseen from a responsible gentleman from St. George UT. I've had the car a week now and am really starting to enjoy it. I think I've gotten my inner 17 yr old out of my system 0:) (sure I have) and will kind of settle down into a commuter role.

Anyway, here's pics of my G8.

After selling my '12 4 door Wrangler, I'll have to struggle through with my GM Jeep and my '98 Cummins for the dirt side of my life. You can see the "Jeep" behind the G8
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