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When installed on my GT G8 by a professional shop, the smaller diameter underdrive pulley moves the replacement serpentine belt upwards and rubs on the hex bolt holding the alternator bracket onto the engine block. After 1500 miles of driving, I noticed that the bolt had rubbed off the inner rib of the serpentine belt and had the potential of causing belt failure. Mike at New Era has not heard of this before, and doubts its credibility by questioning if the belt has been correctly run to the accessories.
In any case, if anyone has installed a replacement underdrive pulley, it would be wise to make sure it clears the mentioned bolt on the alternator mounting bracket - losing the belt would not be a pleasant experience.
Also, be sure when installing the CAIS from New Era that you remove the gray electrical plug on top and on the passenger side fan radiator shrouding, and move the radiator back - per the instructions. The hose provided will then fit and the draft to the air filter through the grill and upward into the filter intake will be correct. (This is a step my mechanic missed, discarded the hose provided, and replaced it with a water hose that would deteriorate in time and suck debris into the engine.)
Finally, I have taken the extra precaution of adding silicone around the base of the MAF sensor where it inserts into the reducer hose in order to assure that no dust enters the engine through the "undersized slit." (I would have much preferred to see an undersized hole, than a slit to assure a better seal.)

To Correct:
The serpentine belt rub, I plan to replace the hex bolt with a rounded allen bolt.
I have re-ordered the original hose provided, and will pull the plug to allow the radiator to be correctly tilted back.
If you use silicone to seal the MAF Sensor, be sure to let it dry overnight before driving.

I feel the increase hp in the seat of my pants, but have noticed no increase in gas mileage.

I am constantly alert to the possibility that the 160* thermostat from New Era that replaced the original 190* OEM may cause an engine warning light in the future as it may confuse the computer. In that regard, be sure to install your gas cap tightly and don't fill up with the car running. Any engine warning light will require a visit to the dealer to have it cleared. Simply fixing the problem, does not clear the light.

I will not be adding any exhaust mods as I am in full appreciation of how quiet this car is at speed. It is my car to relax. I own a Porsche and that car is the one to excite

Mike, at New Era, and I are especially interested in you guys who have installed an underdrive pulley, to inspect for belt rub and report - yes or no. Mike has about 200 of us out there.

My personal email is [email protected]. Please respond.

Ernie B
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