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New - Could use some help!

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This is my first time on the forum. I currently have a 2012 Camaro SS for my summer car and I'm looking to get a G8 GT as my other car (all seasons). I currently own a 2006 mazda 3 as my DD, and would really like the upgrade.

I have loved the G8 for years. I graduated college in 2009 with the intention of buying a new G8 and when I was car shopping, one of my local dealers had lost their sanctioning and offered me a GXP for $33K and I was a complete moron and passed up on it. Since that day, its haunted me to the point I MUST get a G8.

I've been doing searches on Autotrader for a decently priced car, but the prices are all over the place. I'm no longer in the market for the GXP as my Camaro is my project car and summer driver (cam is in the FY14 plans), and I don't think its fair to let a GXP sit outside in the winter haha. So I'm looking for a GT that I can enjoy daily driving the V8 and be able to throw a set of blizzaks on it and take it through the Pittsburgh winters.

Price wise I've seen from 17K to 26K, and the mileage is all over the place. I was wondering if someone could tell me what is an acceptable price range for these cars now? I can understand that some people will price gouge since the Pontiac name is now gone, but I'm hoping to find a reasonable price.

Looking for a 2009 GT with sunroof, and preferably <40K miles.

I would greatly appreciate the help and I look forward to being part of the community.

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