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New 2009.5 G8 GT owner

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Hi everyone,

Happy new owner here as the subject states. Have about 1200 miles under my belt already - hard to keep this car in the garage, fun to drive. Some observations:

- Steering wheel tends to have a vibration when just starting out cold or when the DOD is kicked in. I'm learning to live with it for what it is; cold low profile tires and running in V4 mode. That said, hoping this isn't the dreaded torque converter issue I keep reading about, you'd think they'd have that figured out at the factory by now. :rolleyes:

- The stock ECM/TCM is dumb as a brick, especially when it's warm outside and/or the A/C is on. Sometimes when you dip in the throttle hard it feels like the whole drivetrain is choking on a gumball. Transmission in particular can't figure out what to do with itself when I say it's "go" time. I almost got pulled by a Tundra today because of that. Freaking embarrassing. :( Reference: wtf is going on at the factory, this is a four door Corvette and they need to fix this crap. I shouldn't have to go aftermarket to get this dialed in right for cryin' out loud.

- Mileage started out at 16.5 mpg 50/50 mixed driving on regular unleaded and has now jumped to 19.5 mpg if the DIC is to be believed. No complaints there, 355 hp on regular gas @ 19 mpg = <add to cart>.

Yes, after all that bitching I'm still happy. It's only 1200 miles, I'll get everything ironed out one way or another. I'll say this, when this car is on it is ON and 99% of the vehicles on the road best get the hell out the way. I took on and beat an Audi A8 4.2 *in the rain* a couple weeks back with an extra passenger to haul around to boot, that was extremely satisfying. :D Long live the G8!
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Congrats on the ride. I got mine back in Nov, have 5k on her now. I know a great tuner in the Detroit area, he is a modular motor guy/Ford, but was impressed enough witht he G8 that he got one. He is working out a tune that addresses quite a few of your/our issues and then some. He just did some work on my Marauder and that car is the sh1t.

Anyhow.........if and when he comes up with a tune for the G8 for the public, I am there. Good luck.
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