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Names Andrew, recently picked up my 09 G8 GT last week and have fallen in love with it! trade in my 08 G6 for it which was worth it all the way. have always loved the look and performance the G8 had back when it first came out but couldn't quite afford it so was stuck with the G6 lol. hopefully tonight i can finish installing my Hid kit for my lows. next week ill have a Corsa Sport, Cat-Back with XO-Crossover, Dual Rear Exit, Twin 3" Pro-Series Tips for the GT installed. next ill be looking for an Air intake setup but will have to do some searching on the forums which im sure have all the info i need. Cant wait to see what everyone else has done to there G8.

Here a photo of my G8 hoping to get some more up later when the weather gets better!

Heres a photo of my G6

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