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So, the car.. all black G8 sport premium blah blah blah...

need all black wheels... murdered out... preferably a chrome lip to set it off but not opposed to strait black. I have been searching but the ones I find and like, are over 1000 each... can't drop 4 g's on wheels then another 2 g's on tires for them...

Lemme know what you guys have seen and found and or where to find them!!



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Hello Venomous:

This is an ad I placed in the classifieds for the wheels I have for sale. If you have any interest in the style, the spokes could easily be painted black. They have a polished lip.

I have a set of ASA JH8 wheels with Falken FK-452 in a perfect staggered fitment for the G8.

Fronts: 19 x 8.5 245/40/19
Rears: 19 x 9.5 275/35/19

These are in excellent condition and look great on the car.

They clear the front Brembo's on the GXP too.

Included are the wheels, tires, TPMS, and hubcentric rings - ready to run.

$1000.00/offer for the set.

Photos available here: Pictures by dms1000 - Photobucket

I'm in Minneapolis, MN.

Please let me know if I may provide any additional info. Feel free to call me at 612-963-7578.


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