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My name is Martin Scott, I am a managing partner for RPM Motorsports based out of Phoenix Arizona. I would like to take this opportunity to ask if you the true enthusiast community would be interested in forming the first National Pontiac G8 Enthusiast Club?

A little History: RPM Motorsports Formed the National GM Roadster Club back in November of 2006. This Club is for the Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, And Opel GT Community. Today GM Roadster has over 400 members spread out over 31 chapters in North America and Europe and each one of them are having a blast!

We bring cutting edge online community building technology to all of our clubs and the National G8 Club would be no different. Some of the obvious benefits to being part of a National Car Club are:

Online community building
Cutting Edge Web Site Technology that is fully dynamic
The Ability to have a local web site where chapter members can meet
Event Management software built into every web site
The Ability to RSVP to local, regional, and National Club Events.
Monthly Newsletters
Member discounts from some of the Industries leaders in Aftermarket Parts
ECM Tuning

Just to name a few…. Please feel free to visit GM Roadster Car Club Saturn Sky Pontiac Solstice Opel GT Daewoo DX2 Owners - Home to get a feel for what we are trying to accomplish.

Again this thread is to gain interest in officially forming the first Organized National Club for the Pontiac G8.

Please let me know your thoughts…


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Hello RPM Motorsports,
I would just like to add my thoughts to this thread about forming a national club. I happen to belong to the GM roadster club as a proud member of a first thousand Solstice at let me say that this a great group to belong to. From organization to chapter events and special deals on parts this organization has its act together. I believe this would be a great club to be a part of and would bring the G8 community together. There is strength in numbers as well as a lot of fun. The information that filters thru the club is great. Please let me be the first to sign up to be apart the new G8 club. Mark
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