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Hey Guys,

I'm new and in need of some help. My daily driver is a 2009 G8 V6. It has 34,000+ on it at this time. The other day when driving home from work the SES light came on and the car went into limp mode. The car was an absolute dog. Died once also the tranny was shifting hard. I went home, hooked up my HP Tuners and found several codes...


I reset the DTCs and P2176 immediatly came back. I unhooked the battery (codes cleared). Hooked it back up drove to work (about 20 miles) and the car went to hell again.

Any ideas? I'm thinking TB or TPS related. Either way I plan on fixing this myself since I am mechanically inclined. Hoping someone here can lead me in the right direction. These cars have any wire rubbing issues like that 04-06 GTO have? If so where?

I have a couple toys to drive now but with the upcoiming weather need my DD back ASAP.

Thanks for any input or help....

Shawn Larsen

'09 G8 V6
'07 Yukon Denali
'07 TB SS
'05 GTO
'08 Express 3500
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