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Looking to buy a G8 soon

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Hi guys,
I am in the market for a new D.D. and the G8 looks like it will fit my bill. Naturally as the owner of East Coast Supercharging, it will be supercharged within days of taking ownership.:D

Are there any options that are a "must have" or others I should stay away from for a car that will be modded heavily in no time? I will start reading threw the threads here and see if I find anything, but any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance, Doug

Also any dealers in NJ that are better priced than others?
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You don't have too many choices to make, Doug, after choosing V8 or V6 (hmmm, maybe your magic worked on the base model might also be a winner-there's a dealer from Oklahoma on here that has two of the 888's with V6 he wants sold) you have choice of premium package (which includes leather interior), sport package (which boils down to simply larger wheels, summer only tires, and special steering wheel), an dsunroof. That, as they say, is about it. If you plan a custom interior then a cloth interior car will cost less although you will give up some power and convenience accessories in the process. If you plan custom wheels anyway I would skip the sport package.
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