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Looking for better sound

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OK. I'm not so up on the A/V. I leave it up to a friend of mine. Anyway, i'm changing my stock radio in my SRT to a pioneer D3. My friend said you'll hear a difference just from changing the head unit. My question is if I swap out the speakers in the links below, Do you think thats good enough or should I add an amp and which one. I'm just looking for loud crsip music but not window shaking (anymore) Thanks.
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Actually, when posed this question I always tell people that if you have the budget then I would suggest a new head unit, amplifiers, and new speakers. If your working on a budget then I would go this route in this order: New Speakers, Amplifier then change the head unit. The new amp and speakers will do most of the work, the head unit comes down to functionality.

Let me know if you have any other questions,

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