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I am new to this forum. I have had my new G8 V6 sedan for about 5 weeks after having traded in my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G. It was hard to give up but I am really enjoying the new car.
Nobody seems to like the front end but that is what I fell in love with. It's what makes this car a PONTIAC! I've seen aftermarket kits advertised to change the G8 into a Holden like the kit that spawned it. Geesh!
And everyone hates having the radio "on" switch on the right side and having the switches for the power windows and the side view mirrors in the middle. Welcome to "Globalization." You want to turn your radio on without moving your hands? Hit the "source" button (or any of the buttons to select a source on the radio panel) on the steering wheel and the radio turns on. Wow! Maybe some of the complainers should read their owner's manuals.
I also like the Sport Shift option. That's not the same as the Manual shift option although the manual shift option uses the same circuitry. In Sport Shift you can shift yourself or the transmission will shift automatically if you don't move the shift lever back and forth.
The G8 is a great handling car. Go through a turn and you can feel the car rotating about it's well-balanced axis. The steering was a little light for me at first having moved from a car that used Magnasteer II, but it's feeling better and better.
So, I'm very happy with my G8. I got a terrific deal and have a great dealership to work with (32+ years now).
I suggest if you are interested in a G8 that you should run to your dealer now. If Pontiac gets downsized, who knows what model line they're going to keep?? and for me the G8 is a keeper!
Oh, and if you want a good tire for those of us who live where the snow flies, tell the dealer to take off the Goodyear RS-A"s or the Bridgestone Potenzas and put on a set of Dunlop Sport Signature all-season tires. It's still a Z-rated tire and will work well in the snow, especially if you use your manual shift option. Speaking of snow, did you know you can start off in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gear with the manual shift option? Helps to read the manual.
Keep in touch!
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