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I have been shopping for a car for the last month or so and have looked at everything from VW GTI to Dodge Challenger, Charger, Jeep Wrangler 4 door, Camaro, Mustang, full size truck... the list goes on. I am a car nut with varied taste.

I couldn't find anything that fit all of my needs.

I wanted something fun. The wife wanted something with a seat belt for each kid and more than two doors. That pretty much killed everything on the list. I went and drove a new 4 door GTI. I loved the turbo and the DSG trans. I brought the car home and (luckily) my wife hated it. When I got back to the dealer they turned into total wankers...

So, I went to the local Chevy dealer to once again look at the new Camaro. I figured that a 300hp V6 would fit my budget and I could sell the wife on the two doors. They had a used G8 GT on the lot. I remembered how much I liked them when they came out. I didn't think much about it till later that day when I was talking to the wife about a car and so I did a quick search on the internet for a G8. I found a couple at local dealers, and one at a dealer that I had dealt with before and trusted.

I went and took a look at the Camaro with the wife the next day and pointed out the G8. She said she liked it, but didn't think the Camaro was a car for us...

I drove to the other dealer with a car with only 10k miles and a better color (for me anyway).

We drove the car and my wife was much more impressed with the G8 than any other car that we had driven. She said "this is your car". With the buy in from the financial planner I went back to the dealer and made an offer.

Less than two hours from the time we stopped at the lot I was the proud owner of a very well cared for 09 G8 GT. I am not sure what the color is. I would call it a mineral gray.

I can't believe how cool this car is. 4 doors and 5 seat belts for the family and a big honkin 6.0 V8, 19" tires and independent suspension for me. Feels much faster than the Hemi Charger that I drove for a few thousand miles. It actually feels faster than the Hemi after we threw a Vortech supercharger on it. (It may not be, but it feels that way)

The stereo needs a little more bass and the suspension is a little abrupt over sharp edged bumps (low profile tires more than anything I suspect...) Other than that, I love the car. These things are great. Can't wait to get out and play with it a little more when the roads dry up.

Thanks for listening to my long winded post...

Joe in Ut.
:D :D :D

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Welcome and enjoy! Maybe it is Magnetic Grey Metallic.
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